Vic – Not VicUoL

I was unsure of how to do my first ‘non work’ blog because I seem to have developed a work theme here. As Matt so eloquently put it ‘You’re not Google or anything, just change your theme.’ ‘Nuff said. So I got busy writing on my lunch!

So, I’m getting married. That’s probably the biggest thing going on right now. I am getting married to Craig. He likes sandwiches, science and computers.  I think that’s a fair assessment. He works at DMU. We’re one step away from HE domination. He is kind, funny and my best friend.

So after nearly 6 years together, we’re getting married, in Cuba in May. This doesn’t mean you can come and rob my house. James and Jonny will be there. Dog sitting the pooch…

..Woody, for which I am eternally thankful! I’m going to miss him so much. He’s only a baby and it’s the first time I’ve really left him. Sniff. But it’ll be easier knowing he’s with people I trust implicitly.

So we fly out early May. We’ve only got close family coming with us (12 of us in total) which is exactly what we wanted.

People ask why we’re going abroad and there’s hundreds of reasons. I didn’t want to plan centre pieces for the next 12 months of my life, we’re both atheists so a church do was out of the question, we didn’t want people there that, in reality, we hardly know and, oh, we didn’t want to save £20,000.

Why Cuba? Wasn’t our first choice. Turkey was. But they make you drive 5 hours in a death trap of a bus to sit and wait for a further day to get your birth certificate translated into Turkish. No thanks.

We were surprised at how limited you actually are getting married abroad, especially if you book through a tour operator. (I didn’t feel comfortable just booking the holiday and tracking down an independent wedding coordinator. Did you not read the bit about going abroad to avoid hassle!?)

We didn’t want to go to a big pile of sand in an ocean i.e The Maldives etc, but Cuba was a lovely mix of Caribbean beach holiday and vibrant Latin America. Although don’t say this to them, it’s about as offensive as it gets to mention the ‘A’ word.

We’re staying in a place called Varadero, which is a peninsular on the North Coast that sticks up into the Caribbean sea.

The ‘strip’ is only 1km wide at it’s widest point so all the hotels are beach front. This is ours!

It’s not the prettiest hotel ever, its a bit of a beast, but it has everything we were looking for a they offered a really reasonable wedding package.

I’ve got my dress and shoes. I can’t show you my dress, obviously! But here are my Kurt Geiger shoes that I shall marry if Craig fails to show!

The best light in the house is under the spots in the kitchen. I wasn’t just wanting to show off Craig’s tiling skills.

Craig has a lovely John Lewis waistcoat and trousers. No suit jacket. It’ll be 25-30°. I’d rather not marry someone sweating profusely.

So we’re now 10 weeks away. If you want to see a woman descend into madness, watch this space.


2 responses to “Vic – Not VicUoL

  1. ‘I’d rather not marry someone sweating profusely’ and they say romance is dead!

    Thanks for the mtnion, Woody will be in good hands 🙂

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