Stubbornness, ftw!

I am stubborn.

Usually, this is a character flaw. But sometimes, just sometimes, my stubbornness pays off.

I tried using Remember The Milk about six months ago, mainly because I know Stu loves it.

So I gave it a go and didn’t get it. It seemed really bulky and I didn’t understand the ‘zzz’ method of setting how many days before the event you wanted a reminder. View Stu’s original blog post here.

I’ve come back to it this week because I need to get more organised. Well, I am already ridiculously organised by most peoples standards. But I like to be really organised.

So with a bit of help from Matt, I think I’ve got my head around it. I won’t talk you through it because Stu’s post already does that.

Now to upgrade to the Pro plan so I can get the android app!:p


One response to “Stubbornness, ftw!

  1. You don’t have to do it the same way as me – that’s the great thing about RTM – v flexible. Nice work though 🙂

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