Update on SD student blog

As mentioned a while back, I’m keen to start a Student Development student blog. (See original post here)

The idea is that I start with one student blogging about issues like their career, exams, experience, employability etc (basically anything we deal with here in SD) with the plan to add more students as we become more established.

I’ve got a fantastic student on board and we’re days away from releasing our first post. I won’t name him until we go live!

Last time I blogged about possible ways of handling the blog. After our initial chat, we decided that we would keep this blog completely separate from the students personal blog by creating a separate SD blog, which I ‘own’ and give contributor rights to each author as needed.

I will also set up tags for each contributor so content from each author will be easy to find. My first contributor is eager to be named, he realises the importance of having a digital footprint. (If you’re interested in this more, see my notes on the  ACGAS social media course I attended.)

I explained that I want this to be a truly student blog, so I don’t want to write or interfere in content at all. I will however have to review each blog before publishing, but will endeavor to only amend things where absolutely necessary, and even then, run all changes past the author.

Matt (in his role as Learning Technologist) and I then made a decision that it will live in a portal on the SD web pages (yet to be decided at what level) and we will tag posts with content relevant to say, careers, volunteering etc so the latest blog post can become a news item within that part of the SD website.

After a few hours of playing with WordPress themes, I think I’m nearly there. I’ve chosen Coraline, the same as I’ve used here. This is only because it was pretty much the only one with a custom header and three columns, both things which I was eager to have.

We’ve got our first blog post all sorted thanks to the (currently secret) blogger and his much appreciated eagerness.

Copyright is something that has come up. I was putting off really thinking about it because I’m really not sure how to tackle it.

I can appreciate that, as the author of the posts, the student blogger is keen to own the copyright. However, as he is blogging on our behalf, it would appear the intellectual property is ours. (Thanks to Matt Mobbs for his help with this part!) I also have to consider that if the author had the copyright, they could, in theory, insist that we remove a post, which obviously we do not want.

My instinct was to see look into Creative Commons, which Matt also referenced. If we propose a joint creative commons with attribution, this would mean that the student can reproduce and adapt anything written, as long as they reference the original post. It also means we can reproduce the content through other mediums as well. However, we would keep the right to publish material as the ‘intellectual property holders’. (Thanks again to Matt here!)

So, this is all new to me really and I would appreciate your thoughts. Do you do something similar and if so how do you handle copyright? Is the idea above feasible? All input greatly received! 🙂

Oh, and you’ll be the first to know when we release our first post!


One response to “Update on SD student blog

  1. Hi Vic, this sounds good! If you’re thinking about copyright, Tanya Rowlett and Gareth Johnson are other possible people to speak to?

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