My head is going to fall off

I’ve now got two days left at work, not including today, then I am not here for 22 working days, or 32 normal days. So I have a lot to organise. I’m pretty much there. I just need to schedule some publicity related stuff, sort out the Student Development blog, put Aprils pay through for the Helpdesk, do 4 hours of duty that I’ve got scheduled and have two meetings. I’m not pretty much there at all am I?

Oh and I get married, in another country, during those 32 days.

To be honest, I don’t have much wedding related stuff to do. We pretty much just turn up, get hitched, have some photos, then go eat and drink!It’s more that I have to think of a billion things. I’m going to bore you with some of my Mailchimp items on my DUE list:

Packing. Generally. Pack up wedding dress at the right time, pack hand made bouquet in a suitcase (!) secure suitcases, (Cuba have suitcase theft issues!), how do I carry my jewellery and our wedding rings? Sort out money, have my hair done, nails, have a make-up trial, check Visas on way, OK I’ll stop. I feel bad for you.

I’ve then also got to sort everything for James and Jonny to come and babysit Woody Dog. So I have to clean the house, change the beds, organise all the animals things, do a food shop for them, write a manual. (Yes, a manual, like Wife Swap, yes.)

I then stupidly said we should all have dinner at ours, the day before we travel, as a ‘We’re going to Cuba tomorrow!’ celebration. I need shooting.


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