Facebook name change

Sorry for the lack of posting. But if you read the previous post called Lazy Maisie, you’ll appreciate why.

Just a very quick post to try and get some opinions. As you all probably know, we have changed our name from Student Development to the Careers Service. I’m forming part of a publicity group we’ve got working on this starting next week.

Something that is of specific interest to me though is our social media. It’s quite easy to change your username on Twitter so that won’t be a problem. Having said that, I wanted uolcareers and I have just realised that the University of Lincoln have taken it. Damn!

Facebook is a league of it’s own thought when it comes to problems. Basically, we cannot change the name of a page. At all. So, we can either keep it as  Student Development, University of Leicester or start again, with a whole new page. The thought of doing that is scary; we’ve worked hard to get and keep the 2,183 people that ‘like’ us.

On the other hand, I’m not sure leaving it as Student Development is an option. It might be OK for a year or so, when students still remember what SD is, but by next year, SD will have been ‘gone’ for a whole year and I think to new students, this would be confusing.

Plus, surely we really want to be pushing the Careers Service to this years new students, and not the Careers Service – apart – from – on – Facebook – where – we’re – still – SD.

So, what do you think? SD (sorry, Careers Service) staff, I’d be interested in your thoughts. I’d also love to hear from anyone that’s had this problem and how they managed it.


2 responses to “Facebook name change

  1. Not an overly helpful comment, but as we discussed yesterday, the Learning Development team is going to have to work quite a bit to maintain our presence.Two accounts – one for LD and one for the rest of Careers might end up working quite well with us sharing links and interacting with each other – here’s hoping it works out!

  2. I agree. With the name change, a separate LD account is the only sensible thing to me. But, I suppose almost of the opposite to what you said, that if we have a new account with fewer ‘likes’ it could actually make your set up a lot harder too!

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